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Useful Medical Links

CME / Journal Citations:
1. MEDLINE Searches - Visit Here
2. Indian MEDLARS - Visit Here
3. Medical Journal of Armed Forces, India - Visit Here
4. Indian Journal of Medical Research - Visit Here 5. Journal of Association of Physicians of India - Visit Here
6. List of Indian Medical Journals - Visit Here

Clinical Research & Clinical Trials:
1. Adroit Insights Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. - Visit Here
2. ICH GCP - Visit Here
3. US FDA, CDER - Visit Here
4. Clinical Trials, US - Visit Here
5. ICMR, India - Visit Here
6. FDA, Maharashtra - Visit Here
7. Association of Clinical Research Professionals - Visit Here
8. NIH, US - Research Grants - Visit Here

Health Information for Patients:
1. National Institute of Health, US - Visit Here
2. HIPAA Privacy Rule, US - Visit Here
3. Health On Net (HON) - Visit Here
4. World Health Organization (WHO) - Visit Here
5. Multiple Diseases - Visit Here
6. Medline Plus - Visit Here
7. National Center for Complimentary & Alternative Medicines, US - Visit Here
8. MediWhiz Patient Information - Visit Here

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