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About Scientica Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Scientica Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is a fastest growing health communication organization. Dissemination of medical knowledge through health networks by means of scientific solutions is the core work area of Scientica. We develop scientific packages that suites to the knowledge needs of a practicing doctors / consultants and their patients as well. The publications mainly are in the form of:

Electronic CME Updates: Interactive CD-ROM on a disease condition / recent abstracts, VCD of a advanced surgical procedure, newsletter as an direct email, web sites with online utilities such as medical forums / mailing lists, POP mail IDs, etc.
Documentary Films: Patient Education documentary films, Continuing Medical Education (CME) films by eminent Indian / Foreign practicing doctors.
Print updates: Booklets, newsletter, direct mailers, product monograph, clinical monograph, atlas of clinical conditions such as Atlas of Dermatology, etc.
Medical / Scientific Events: Panel Discussion, Symposium, Focused doctor group meetings, Scientific sessions with foreign faculties, Round Table Meetings (RTM), etc.
Market Surveys: Clinical, Therapeutic, Feasibility Surveys etc.
Training Manuals: For medical students as well as medical representatives.
Displays: Scientific Posters / Sign / Display Boards to educate patients.

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